Lone's EFT DMA Radar

Leading the DMA Scene on EFT

Welcome! This is the original EFT DMA Radar/Toolkit by LoneSurvivor.

Our Radar runs on a 2nd PC, which means the Anti-Cheat cannot detect our Software, and it is VERY safe. We have no recorded bans/detections for the lifetime of this product. If you are tired of being detected/banned on other products, look no further. This product is designed with your account safety as our first priority. I am still using my original EOD account.

Our Radar is perfect whether you just want to play legitimately with extra information, or if you want to dominate the entire lobby with ease using our DMA Toolkit/AimBot. Our AimBot is the best DMA Aimbot in the industry with finely tuned prediction to ensure your shots always land, even on moving targets at long range. Our customers boast their ability to destroy other hostile cheaters with ease.

Now Featuring Teammate Web Radar and Wide Lean!

100% Undetected!

DMA Diagram

Our software runs on your 2nd PC, preventing you from being detected! Zero Detections for the lifetime of this product.

Get the upper edge on your opponents.

With our DMA Solution you will dominate lobbies.

Easy to Setup - Easy to Use

Radar UI

Our Support is here for you to help you achieve dominance.